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Hello! Thank you for visiting Ayaka Ishimura Wedding & Design!

We coordinate weddings mostly in Japan and Hawaii. We can also coordinate your destination weddings in your dream location.

We offer a full planning service. After consulting with you to ascertain your specific needs and desires, we will design and create your event.

From securing the venue, planning the ceremony and reception, referring quality venders, organizing the decor, managing the budget and everything in between, we will facilitate it for you.

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Traditional Japanese Wedding

A Shinto wedding is a traditional and unique ceremony within Japanese culture. As Christians pledge their love for each other at churches in front of Christ, Japanese people pledge their love at shrines in front of gods called Yaoyorozu.
The bride and groom wear a formal outfit "Kimono".

Should you choose to have a Shinto ceremony, we will provide support and coordinate every aspect of your event. We will happily explain the details of the ceremony and the meaning behind them.

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Destination Wedding in Japan

Japan is well known for its amazing, natural landscape and its beautiful, distinct seasons.
Many flowers, most famously, cherry blossoms, bloom in spring. Fireworks light up the night sky in summer. Red leaves color the mountains crimson in fall/autumn. Japan's northern regions are home to beautiful, white, snow covered mountains in winter.
We have a great selection of venues for you to choose from.
Please check some of our recommend places in Japan.

We would love to hear all about your dream wedding, destination wedding or elopement, and turn it into your reality.

With many thanks and best wishes.
Ayaka Ishimura Wedding & Design.